Uh-oh, Other Danica Patrick’s at it again …

That’s moi, No. 35, (AKA The Other Danica Patrick — in case you were having trouble telling us apart) holding up traffic per usual, at Road America.

For those of you not in the know like me, RA is a professional racing track in Wisconsin. The track is actually part of a state forest; and I have to say, the scenery’s pretty distracting for those of us go-karters trying to keep our eyes on the road.

The track is in Elkhart Lake, where open-road racing was all the rage until they put the brakes on. It’s about two hours from Chicago. BTW, it’s also a favorite of racing enthusiast Dr. McDreamy.

Oh, did I mention there’s also a nice lake here, too; and a few million other things to do? I’m here all week — literally — so tell  your friends.

More after I shift gears and finish some work.

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