Vietnam visa saga, part ___ (losing track)

OK, stopping to take a deep breath here, albeit a quick one because that’s all I have time for right now.

There’s more to tell you about my Martha’s Vineyard getaway. Meanwhile, I’m spending the coming week in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, where outdoor activities and noshing look to be the big attractions. I’m willing myself to focus more on the latter — and experience a few more firsts — including kayaking. Oh, boy.

Meantime, I told you I was going to take a quick look-see in Vietnam as part of my Asian excursion (still working on the details) next month. So I got my visa in the mail, no sweat, from Vietnamese government reps here in the U.S.

Only problem is, my birth date is one day off. I can see where someone would have mistaken one number for another, but it’s wrong. (Mitch says this visa picture looks very Midnight Express. Ya think? It was taken at CVS, on a steamy summer day in PA that may have been on a par with Ho Chi Minh City in the shvitz department.)

Anyway, I sent the officials an e-mail explaining the slight problem. But the message bounced back because the mailbox is apparently full. (Exact office location doesn’t matter; I’m not out to get anyone in trouble.)

I have time; I’m sure this won’t be an issue. Right? Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Vietnam visa saga, part ___ (losing track)

  1. Barry says:

    Hi Vietnam is a beautiful place, visa issues just wait until you get to the airport there even with your docs. Just back from Thailand. Food in Vietnam is incredible, French influence , enjoy baz

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