Martha’s Vineyard: Don’t worry about a rental car

After our long trip, it was tempting to linger at the 1720 House after a satisfying breakfast on this glorious day, which happened to be my birthday.

To kick back in the sun room.

With an affectionate lovebird.

But as John Wayne said in The Cowboys, we were burnin’ daylight.

Even though Martha’s Vineyard’s a playground for the rich, you don’t need a hot ride to get around this relatively tiny island with only six towns.

The 1720 House is right on Main Street in Vineyard Haven, which is pretty happening all by itself.If that was all we’d had time for, it would have been fine with me.

The area is home to singer Carly Simon — who’s an investor in this store, Midnight Farm.

Much as I’ve always loved her stuff, nothing really tempting after all this time.

From there, we got an all-day bus pass from this guy. At $7, on one of the best bus systems I’ve been on anywhere, it was clearly the best bargain on the island. (We could’ve rented bikes, too, but had too much ground to cover.)

Me, waiting for the bus.

A few miles away in the town of Oak Bluffs is where computer software guru Peter Norton has a summer home — that’s supposedly it on the right. I wanted to ask him why it was so tough to get a decent Internet connection on the island.

The Vineyard  is wall-to-wall with fabulous architecture. From the so-called gingerbread houses

… to the weather-beaten movie house.

On to Edgartown, a former whaling town, with more picture-postcard streets and shops …

… and a bookstore that wasn’t Barnes and Noble; just noble. Could’ve hung out there all day, too.

(Went on to nearby Chappaquiddick Island for a surreal look around. The why on that, later.)

At any rate, what a birthday.

Mitch got me sailor valentine earrings, the only souvenir I wanted from Martha’s Vineyard, from a local jeweler said to specialize in … charming local stuff like that.

That, and a shell I’d plucked from the landscape (didn’t feel guilty because they’re everywhere ) …

(My new soap dish.)

And Nora Ephron’s last book were all the birthday presents I needed.

Next day, after waaay too much food (including waay too much fudge; not for nothing is there a whale on that bag) …

And trying not to eat any more …

It was back on the ferry, after too short a sojourn that didn’t leave us enough time to explore the rest of the island. Good reason to return.

And back to Nu Yawk (and Joisey, the final stop).

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