Gearing up for intrigue aboard Orient-Express in Asia

Really excited: Working on my upcoming trip on the Eastern & Oriental Express — sister train to the Orient-Express in Europe, but in southeast Asia.

Eastern & Oriental Express

This odyssey will take me from Singapore, through Malaysia and Thailand, to Bangkok. Stopping on the way to visit the historic River Kwai. About 1,200 miles. Roughly the distance from NY to Miami.

Only been to the airport at Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.  Adore Thai food. Does that count?

Eastern & Oriental Express

In this case, the journey’s the thing. The cars are done up in the lavish Orient-Express tradition. Dressing up during dinner. Glamour encouraged.

Not happening.

Shades of Sigourney Weaver and Mel Gibson in The Year of Living DangerouslySame continent; different locales. I’ll have to put the usual Planet Lippstone Dayware Collection — stretch jeans, my comfy 30 Rock “Blurgh” T-shirt and Sauconys — away.

But where do I find a pillbox hat? That, and how I’m getting there — I’m thinking another round-the-world ticket again, along with vaccinations and other stuff — will be keeping me swamped the next few weeks.

Will let you know how it’s going.

Got suggestions? Lemme know …

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