Let’s Paws: Down in the mouth after teeth cleaning

You wouldn’t think getting teeth cleaned would be such a big deal. Unless you’re a 15-year-old dachshund named Ginger who hates to have her perfect world rocked in any way.

We’ve tried to keep her mouth clean with various chew snacks and rinses, but they didn’t do the trick.

The vet, who couldn’t get over what great shape she’s in for her very advanced age (said she’s so muscular!) said her teeth, her Achilles’ heel, were absolutely atrocious. The lovely shade of light brown should have been enough to tip us off. Believe me, it was.

Although she has the start of kidney and blood-pressure problems, the vet deemed her fit enough to be put under to clean her teeth. Given her age, I was nervous, but all that nasty bacteria had to go …

She was so weak and traumatized afterward, she understandably kept shaking and would not close her eyes to sleep, as if to say, how can I close my eyes? I don’t trust you anymore. Even a pain pill didn’t help her relax. Still with her IV bandage on — we left it alone.

We were happy to see her finally nod off, but she was immobile for a whole day.

Now back to normal, thank goodness. Doing what she loves best — sliming her very favorite hoomin, Mitch. I’d tell them to get a room, but they’re already in it.

We’ll be brushing her teeth from now on. Or trying to, anyway.

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