Weird hotels? Generally not my cup of tea

I don’t usually go for best and worst lists in general, especially when it comes to hotels. My feeling is, go for lodging that complements the location.

Meaning, not sure I’d go somewhere just to stay in a place, unless it were really something and I happened to be in the general neighborhood anyway. Or if it figured into the place’s history.

And weird hotels? Meh. Much as I like the unusual, different just for the sake of being different doesn’t cut it for me if the location is blah.

Dog Bark Park

For instance, I wouldn’t go to Idaho just to stay in a hotel designed to look like a beagle. Much as I adore all things dawg. (I like my beagles sleeping next to me, thank you very much.) Or Austria, to stay in a sanitized sewer pipe. Interesting, but nah.

Again, an old jail with a history would be different. See Liberty Hotel in Boston or this one in Australia.

(I have stayed in some weird places, but not by choice. Well into adulthood, I’d stay in hostels around the world to save money. This approached beyond weird when I was trying to iron a business suit with a toy-size travel iron at a dorm-like place in Hong Kong.

I finally slammed the door on hostels when the one I’d booked in San Francisco turned out to be a hazy, pot-filled den. I beat feet out of there, never to return to such spartan digs.)

As long as we’re talking lists, I’ll begrudgingly throw in this one: Places deemed to be the best hotels in the world.

You can’t quibble with the locations. Gaw-jus places.

Not surprisingly, some of them are in safari parks. Close enough for wildlife encounters. Which brings to mind the luxury tent I stayed at in Kenya with indoor plumbing.

Ah, the days.

Sometimes it’s nice to indulge and appreciate truly beautiful places. Instead of spending the dough for the same-old same-old summer or winter rental. Just my opinion.

Whatever your taste, plan some kind of getaway for yourself. You deserve it.

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