Titanic II? Book it, Danno

Two things you can do if money is no object. One, start your OWN network.

Or get into the cruise-ship industry with a big splash: With your new toy, the Titanic II.

Replica of original Titanic boarding pass.

Yep, an Aussie billionaire is working on that little project. Wants to have the replica ship ready to go by 2016. The maiden voyage, of course, will be the original’s ill-fated trip a century ago, from England to New York.

Presumably, it’s taking a similar route. Supposed to be at the end of 2016. Hmm, as in, winter?

Not to worry. Though it’s going to be a luxurious as the original, it will be outfitted with the latest in navigation and safety doohickeys. Ow-kay then. I feel better.

Seriously I’d do it. As long as my escort’s Jon Hamm. (Not in Don Draper mode; I much prefer him as Abner on 30 Rock.) Or Colin Firth. Not Farrell. Or Will Ferrell, either.

Forget DiCaprio. Even after all this time, he still looks like a kid to me.

How about you? Fantasea, or waste of time? And who would be your mate?

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