How to do Biggest Loser Resort plan@home without going nuts

Actually, nuts are allowed. In small amounts (portion = 12).

Still knee-deep in that project, but wanted to weigh in to let you know I aced a second week of the Biggest Loser Resort regimen after returning home. And lost another pound. Yess!

Week 2 in real life wasn’t easy, to say the least. But I survived food shopping and dining out without consuming mass quantities of everything, a la the Coneheads.

And — a first for me — managed not to down the entire package of chocolate chips while making my very fave resort dessert, chocolate-covered strawberries.

OK, the chef did say presentation is everything during the cooking demo. This messy Chez Planet Lippstone version falls short in looks, but still tastes great.

But remember, I don’t know how to cook (except for my made-up orange-chocolate fantasy). I followed the resort cookbook recipe to the letter on the strawberries. So the above is a big deal for me.

In the olden days (last month) they would’ve been breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I’ve managed to indulge in just two a day when I splurge.

Taking it day by day, as only a junk-food junkie can. Pretending I’m still at the resort (where’d the beach go?) as I start Week 3 here at home. Have my souvenir boot camp calendar staring at me in my office. Another first. Never do wall calendars. Usually too geeky.

If you’ve read some of my entertainment reviews here (like this), you know I’m not one who gushes easily. OK, I’ll admit I was high on Weight Watchers online at first, too. And yeah, I didn’t stick with it.

But a week at this resort cost about a gazillion times more,  give or take. So that’s why the calendar. And the cookbook. Because I know myself.

The cost. The calendar. My pride. My health. (In that order.) Whatever. I’m still workin’ it. And it’s fine.

As promised, be back with more about the food, and a little behind-the-scenes stuff about how the resort compares with the TV show. As soon as I get caught up with my paying gigs.

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