Biggest Loser Resort: Back to the big, bad junk-food world

So I’m sprung from my Biggest Loser Resort (BLR to those in the know) bubble. And the first thing I see at the LA diner where Mitch’s cousin has taken me for lunch is a display for stick-to-your-ribs (and everything else) chocolate cake.

I salivate like Pavlov’s dogs and soldier on.

Heading home the next day, LAX is one big food court.

The first thing I see on my way to the gate.  Saying no to these particular temptations wasn’t all that hard. I never lust after them.

Then something totally grabs me by my taste buds.

See’s Candies. A California tradition since 1921, and a Planet Lippstone tradition since 1990. My ultimate California comfort food. After I moved away,  I’d always grab a box of chocolate creams on the way out of the airport. And inhale most of them before departure.

And this is Easter time, to boot.  Peter Rabbit tries to stare me down. I falter, but in the end, he blinks.

Grab a tuna salad sandwich. My newly trained eye notices it’s really two sandwiches. I eat half, and have a banana in reserve for a snack.

A pretty good re-entry into The Real World, I’d say. I’m still marching to the BLR drum. And will have to stay that way. Because the alternative would really make me a loser.

Wish me luck. And good cholesterol readings.

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