Last chance to go hog wild before ‘Biggest Loser’ boot camp

Even as I’m typing this, I’m savoring my last heart-attack brekkie (as they’d say in Australia) of matzo brei.

Yes, I know it’s not even Passover yet, and we’ve noshed our way through several boxes of Yehuda matzo — the best. (Like it so much, I’m tempted to take the factory tour.)

Try it with a very unorthodox match: luscious Vermont butter (once again, my kosher grandma would have been plotzing over my eating habits) and fried onions for the ultimate in gluttony.

I tried to avoid using all the butter (Don’t ask me where the rest went).

I would have taken a picture, but the end result wasn’t exactly what you’d see on Gourmet’s site. (Gourmand, maybe.)

Yeah, not great in the looks department. But filled with what my sista and I call “like-ya-like” ingredients.

As in, comforting.  In general, too much butter, sugar, chocolate, whatever. That’s my problem. I don’t do well in the just a little taste department. It’s often all or nothing with me.

Anyway, Ginger liked what was glued to the pan.

Which I’ve gotta clean and then get going. Got a million last-minute things to do before leaving tomorrow for the Biggest Loser (Fat Farm) Resort in Malibu. Butterflies fighting for room in my too-full gut.

Whose idea was this, anyway? Oh, that’s right: Mine. Must start getting in shape for spring.

Catch ya later.

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3 Responses to Last chance to go hog wild before ‘Biggest Loser’ boot camp

  1. Mallie Hoyer says:

    Mallie loved your BLOG! You must keep in touch! Please email me all your week’s photos, include every one! When you plan a trip to Victoria, BC and / or San Diego, I would love to show you around! I’m set to be in Victoria the first week in May and then again in October. I plan to run The Vancouver Half Marathon May 6th and the Victoria Half Marathon October 7th. You tell a great story of your time here! I really laughed about the shades looking like matza! So true! My Mom writes plays. She is in playwriting classes. We love the theater! We should make our week at the Biggest Loser into a play! Keep in touch! Mallie

  2. Mallie Hoyer says:

    Laura, send me your email so I can send you more pictures! Congratulations on your results! You did great! I’m very pleased with my Body Fat loss too! I signed up for the “returning guest discount” so I’ll be back within 2 years. Keep in touch!

  3. Thanks, Mallie. It was fun being in boot camp with you and your smile!

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