Getting your workout in at the airport

I never really thought about exercising at the airport because the act of traveling always seemed to be exercise enough.

Qualifies as exercise in my book.

All that futzing with baggage in security. And schlepping to the gate.

In the name of making my airport sprints really count, I do make a concerted effort to avoid the people-movers. Unless I’m really in a hurry.

I didn’t realize there were so many gyms at or near airports. This list takes care of the U.S. and Canada.

And there are a few more suggestions around the world for spas and such.

San Francisco’s airport now has a yoga room, right past security. I’d say that’s a good place for it.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has a walking path that stretches for almost a mile and a half. Overhead signs help track your distance.

I like the walking because it doesn’t involve unpacking and changing. And I don’t think I would chance stepping out to a gym unless I really had time and didn’t have to rush. In which case, I’d try to do some exploring instead. Yes, I confess, that would probably involve a meal.

So if it’s a choice between yoga and yogurt at the airport, I’ll pick the latter.

Besides, I can listen to my Jon Kabat-Zinn Body Scan meditation while I’m waiting, or on the plane. Helps me relax.

But I do think getting some exercise is good to avoid those scary blood clots that can result from too much sitting — like I’m doing now at the computer.

Better get up and get moving.

Try out some of those gyms and tell me what you think.

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  1. Baz says:

    Where are you this time baz down under

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