Why can’t all airports be like this? Sigh.

It was the perfect airport moment, short of having the Beach Boys singing God Only Knows while greeting your peeps like they did in Love Actually. (Yeah, I like a shot of sickeningly sweet every now and then. And I’m a sucker for the way Richard Curtis handles all-star casts. Unlike Garry, Ick, Marshall. Give it up already, Garr …)

Anyway, there was room to get caught up on computer stuff. Actual cubicles to sit down and spread out like a hoomin. Bigger than some airport restaurant tables. Not hunched over, trying to balance the laptop in your lap.

Not only an available outlet, but one that’s a normal distance away so that every time you breathe, you’re not unplugged.

And free, instant Internet.

This wasn’t Silicon Valley. It was the airport at Terceira in Portugal’s Azores islands, about the size of some baggage claims anyplace else.

Had me wondering why all airports couldn’t be like this.

Logical answer: Too much traffic at a larger airport. There could never be enough cubicles. People would get into food fights jockeying for position; the Kung Pao chicken and Frappuccinos flying.

And would cost too much, I guess. So then why is the Internet free at some airports but not others?

Oh, well. Nice while it lasted.

Guess I’ll have to be happy with free phone-charging kiosks. But of course, everything has a price.

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