Lisbon, Portugal: My kind of New Year’s Eve

 Made it back to Lisbon.

Checked into the Hotel Aviz this time. Where the guest roster’s included Frank Sinatra, Eva Peron — and us.

But we had to run a marathon to get there. Meaning our taxi driver could only get so close to the hotel because a major street was closed off for a runners’ event. So we had to crash it to get where we needed to go.

Once there, we hopped the subway to find some New Year’s Eve doings.

Chiado, a popular neighborhood, was starting to heat up on this chilly winter night.

Dining outdoors in 40-something degrees. Made sure I was on top of the heater.

The seafood paelha wasn’t bad, but Mitch makes a much better version. Still toasty, like a comfy pair of socks.

Votos de Boas Festas — Season’s Greetings …

And Happy New Year, everybody, from us party animals.


In transit New Year’s Day, back to NYC. Later…

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