Azores, Portugal: Pot roast I wish grandma could have made

Yep, back to my Nanny Brown because she’s a main ingredient in any Jewish food story.

Don’t get me wrong. Her brisket was the best meat I’d tasted. Until a few days ago.

That’s when we took a drive to a traditional family-run eatery about half an hour up the coast from our hotel on Terceira island …

In the village of Serreta.

The cows were so close to the gas station on the way; thought they worked there.

Waiting for us was Delisa Caudoso, who, with her mom and sister, run the Restaurante Ti Choa …

Known for its traditional fare.

Like Alcatra —  Pot roast, Terceira-style. Cooked in a clay pot.

In this oven.

I don’t normally go for beef (especially cooing at every cow we passed on the way). But this was too good to pass up, since it was sort of like grandma’s brisket — and childhood memories got the better of me.

Tellin’ ya, it was like buttah. And the sauce was sensational, too. Sweet and savory. Getting hunger pangs just writing about it.

The owner was nice enough to give me the recipe, which was translated from Portuguese to English. It lost something in the translation, so I found a similar recipe in English. **Note: The recipe given to me called for white, not red, wine.

Figured I’d share, in case you’re interested in experimenting this New Year’s Eve.

Bom apetite!

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2 Responses to Azores, Portugal: Pot roast I wish grandma could have made

  1. Barb says:

    I watched simply ming this morning and he was on an island with a man who made your grandmas recipe I think because it says it was from as far back as the 15 th century! BUT the main differences are Lard for greasing, cloves as well as alspice peppe corns and garlic and bay leaf.

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