Azores, Portugal: Something wonderfully fishy about this place

Sorry, couldn’t help myself with the headline. What would you expect from a cornball, borscht-belt type like moi?

Anyhoo, our jet-lagged clocks are still a little off. We’ve been sleeping in and skipping formal breakfasts, which is fine because it also saves some dough.

Let’s just say I didn’t invite Weight Watchers on this trip.

Breakfast and late-night snack, courtesy nearby convenience store. Ilha (island) cheese, simple but wonderful. English-type muffins, but better: no toaster needed. Clementines so juicy and fresh, some leaves intact. The cookies? Um, well…

Lunch — which has become our main meal — has been nothing short of spectacular.

Ate at place that’s a favorite with the locals, across from this church in nearby fishing village of Sao Mateus.

Fresh bread…

and homemade cheese for starters.

When the menu says the fish is fresh…

It’s fresh. (Cooked version of the above.)

Guy at next table more than happy to share his fish stew. Great stuff.

And now, for something completely different:

Limpets, which as far as I can tell, are in the snail family. The garlic and butter were great; the meat a bit too chewy for my taste. So fresh, a stone got caught in my tooth.

And barnacles.  Surprisingly good; and I’ll get to that in a minute.

My compliments to the chef. Or as one of the patrons who made a valiant attempt to speak English called him, “the cook man.”

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