How healthy is that airline food? You might be surprised

We all know we’re not going to be seeing economy-class airline food showcased on the Food Network anytime soon. Though some of it might qualify for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, but not in a good way. Maybe a show called Boring & Overpriced.

Seriously, I’d rather go hungry than pay five bucks for a can of plain old salted almonds. Or four dollars for a handful of trail mix. Hey, I know jet fuel ain’t cheap guys, but really? (Don’t even get me started on the baggage fees. That’s why I invested in my trusty Vera Bradley carry-on.)

Seduced by Qatar Airways' economy class.

The only good meals I can think of were one I savored in Cathay Pacific’s business class. And the grub in Qatar and Air India’s economy classes was first-rate. (But then I’m partial to Middle Eastern and Indian fare, even if it’s from the supermarket.)

To me, even the first-class food on domestic airlines is far from classy. Sorry, but adding a tablecloth and real salt and pepper shakers just doesn’t cut it.

But after seeing this story, I’ll give some airlines props for trying to elevate standards. Some of their offerings were put to the nutrition test, and didn’t do half bad. Though when it comes to others, you’re advised to either pitch or give away most of what’s on the tray or BYO. That’s usually what I do, unless I’m really hungry or feel like a nosh. Even a bad one will sort of do, sometimes.

But then you’re stuck with the same problems if you have to rely on airport food. I’ve consumed countless calories at airports around the world, and none of them have ever been satisfying. Especially chain restaurants. With the exception of Starbucks or Cinnabon goodies, which, while reliably tasty, are far from healthy.

Jump right in, food critics. Maybe we can do The Great Airport Restaurant Cook-Off. I’ll get right on it.

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