Moral of frequent-flier story: Save that boarding pass

I said I’d follow up with the results of  a query to US Airways.  It had to do with some potential frequent-flier miles from my recent round-the-world trip.

The miles in question were flown from on Qatar Airways from South Africa to Qatar in the Middle East and then on to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

Because Qatar Airways isn’t a member of the Star Alliance, a group of airlines including the one I fly the most — US Airways — I figured there was no chance of getting any of those miles credited to my frequent flier account.

So I didn’t save my boarding passes. I thought they were useless.

Then I found out Qatar was a partner. I produced my e-ticket and proof I’d been on the flight.

Qatar told me to contact US Air. After repeated attempts to get the miles posted, the matter sat. Then I found out the person who pledged to look into the matter had left the company.

Then I was told to resubmit everything all over again. Already said I did, and that everything was there.

When I nicely said I’d go to corporate for help, the miles suddenly appeared in my account.

I’m glad to have ’em, but I’ll know to hang onto all boarding passes in the future. It’s my responsibility.

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1 Response to Moral of frequent-flier story: Save that boarding pass

  1. Donna Spohn says:

    Well done! It can be difficult to deal with all of the corporate run-around that is out there. Pack patience and success follows! My money is always on you!

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