Let’s Paws: Labrador Bowl

My nephews, Skipper and Chaos, after a fun day at the park in Charlotte, NC.

Skipper’s the disabled one who does an admirable job keeping up. Chaos was aptly named as a pup because he put Marley to shame. After consuming several pairs of eyeglasses, a few remotes, and at least one package of Benadryl — intact — he’s now a perfect gentleman.

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2 Responses to Let’s Paws: Labrador Bowl

  1. Donna Lippstone Spohn says:

    You have gorgeous nephews!

  2. lol…”one package of Benadryl” …intact no less! …hilarious. Our 2 Labrador puppies devoured an entire box of Pepto tablets- wrappers and all. And it was business as usual. Thanks for the chuckle.

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