Let’s Paws: A seeing-eye dog of a different kind

Let’s face it, when you think sidesplitting fun, you’re not thinking that annual eye exam at the optometrist’s. I mean, my optometrist is very nice, but he’s a pretty serious guy. It’s part of his job description.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I arrived and was greeted by:

Jake Jacobson, now working for his dad, Bill the optometrist.

Jake marched right in to help with the exam, per usual. That’s why he’s a seeing-eye dog; he, um, sees a lot of eyes.

He’s very thorough. When we were finished, he took his usual spot under dad’s deskĀ  to oversee my consultation.

Staff Bio: Jake is a 9-year-old Jack Russell mix who was plucked from an animal shelter. He has diabetes and needs lots of potty breaks. So that’s why his mom and dad, who both work at the Lancaster, PA, practice, take him with them every day. He’s such a hard worker, I nominate him for Employee of the Month every month.

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3 Responses to Let’s Paws: A seeing-eye dog of a different kind

  1. Laura, I love this…..Jake is a therapy dog, calming the patients and seeing to it that you are all loved. So cute. I love reading your blog posts.

  2. Donna Spohn says:

    Leave it to you to find an optometrist with a canine assistant!! Eye eye Captain!

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