Don’t get tripped up by huge wireless charges abroad

This is the kind of info I found out about minutes before I started my round-the-world trip. I’m not kidding. I was on the phone with AT&T at the gate at JFK, checking on the options for my wireless phone while waiting for my flight to South Africa. Hey, what did I know from roaming charges? Someone mentioned it on the way to the airport.

On prior trips, I didn’t bring my phone. Since I was going to be away so long, I thought I’d better have it this time.

Since it was too late for SIM cards (and the idea of switching all that stuff around made my head hurt), I opted for AT&T’s international plan, but kept the phone and roaming charges off.  That way, only I could call if I really needed to. And used Skype and email like there was no tomorrow.

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