Learned my travel lesson the hard way: Book early

You’d think a fairly frequent flier like me would know better.

I confess, my M.O. had usually been to wait ’til the last moment to book a trip. Or anything: even a hair appointment. My hat was always off to those I’d see at the salon, booking the next trim or color while paying for the current ‘do.

Or those folks that would book their Thanksgiving travel for the next year almost as soon as they returned from their current one.

Not so much that I’m a procrastinator, which of course I am; but I never felt a need. Figured I’d know when it was time to call the salon when … it was time. (Like this SOS far away from home.) Actually, I have an excuse, albeit feeble, for that one. I always tried to make the cut last as long as possible.

My Vera Bradley's always ready to roll.

As far as travel goes, I always thought there would be last-minute bargains (like the midweek website airfare specials). Something better out there.

Don’t ask me why, because like many things in life, there usually weren’t. And guess who’d be in for a hellacious drive because holiday airfares were through the stratosphere at that point?

But having come across this story, I’m sufficiently chastised. I’ve learned my lesson.

My Turkey Day tickets are already booked, with more than a month to go. Only because Mitch took it upon himself to do it. But I will too, from now on. Now, I know better.

But I’ll probably always be a hair away from needing a good trim. Have to live on the edge a little.

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