10 magical places to see a movie

I think one of the reasons I love movies so much is that I grew up in a time when going to the theater was a real escape. When the venue was as enchanting as the movie itself.

I was lucky to grow up at the Jersey Shore when there were a few neat theaters to choose from. My favorite was the Mayfair Theater in Asbury Park.

I’ll never forget the inside. The ceiling looked like a nighttime sky, with clouds and stars that looked like the real thing. Like being in a planetarium.

Had some memorable moments there. My dad took me and my sister to see Blazing Saddles. One of the best times the three of us ever had. We laughed so hard it hurt.

And I remember coming in late to see 2001: A Space Odyssey. I was plenty spaced out, having just taken my PSAT. I was meeting a best friend I recently reconnected with on Facebook.

Anyway, nice to know there are still theaters out there that still have that old magic.

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1 Response to 10 magical places to see a movie

  1. Patricia Finn Tryon says:

    I remember going to the Mayfair as a kid in the 60’s. The ceiling was fabulous. I saw El Cid there and had a crush on Charleston Heston for decades. I think I read that a fellow who collects movie memorabilia found and bought much of the lobby and maybe part of the staircase and had it installed in his home in his own theatre. Thank you for sharing this memory!

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