Travel Trends: Google flight search; Divorce Hotel

The skies just got more crowded with Google now in the airfare price business.

Google Flight Search just took off this week with a lot of fanfare. But it barely made it off the runway. Destinations are confined to the U.S. right now, and there aren’t all that many.

At this point, you’re still better off going to, Travelocity, Expedia and Kayak, or sites that scope out cheap fares like

And here’s an idea I see catching on. Checking into a luxury hotel with the sole purpose of  getting divorced.

That’s the brainchild of a guy in Holland who decided to start a service promising to take some of the sting and expense out of divorces.

He runs a company that specializes in quickie, lower-cost divorce alternatives. If you’re sure you want out you check into the hotel, where a team will attempt to get it done in three days. That team includes everyone from mediators to psychologists.

The cost is about $3,500. Compare that to your average divorce, which can take months and cost much more. The hotel room is included in the price.

Right now the company only works with Dutch hotels, so only folks from Holland qualify. But the service may be expanding to Germany. Who knows where it could end up next?

Leave that wedding ring behind.

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