Does a bear sit in the woods? Yes, in the Poconos

After I started coming down from my high at Pocono Raceway, I realized I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was almost dinner. I was ready to eat a bear.

Looked a lot like this.

That must be the reason I almost ran into one. After getting on the road, I noticed a huge black bear leaning over the highway guardrail, staring like King Kong, contemplating its next move. I was so shocked, I floored it as a reflex action Didn’t even think to get a picture, but should have tried. Though not sure I wanted to be out of my car and on the same footing. It really looked sweet — from the safety of my fleeing vehicle.

Then a folksy-lookimg  place caught my eye.

Woody’s Country House was just what you’d expect to see in a rustic setting like the Poconos. The bar was filled with locals. Everything but the moose head on the wall, thank goodness.

I was the only tourist there. In late afternoon, almost everything on the lunch menu had sold out. I settled for a bowl of watery chili and nice crusty homemade white bread.

The real spicy fare came from the fellas at the bar.

Nice waitress

One of them apologized to me and the waitress for letting a salty word rip.

No Barry Manilow on the jukebox?

Suffice to say the atmosphere was a lot richer than the chow.

They do have a website and Facebook page if you’re ever out that way.

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