Hair-raising situation in strange city

What do you do when you’re on the road and your hair needs, shall we say, a touch-up, and you have no idea where to turn?

I was in San Diego when this happened to me. You might recall I’d had hair surgery the day before my round-the-world trip began. It had now been six weeks, and I needed help to keep my head together.

I could have had a do at the froufrou salon in Little Italy, but didn’t really feel like paying the big bucks.

So there I was, wandering around downtown, when I ran into …

And I figured, for a color touch-up, what the heck. What was the worst that could happen? My hair would turn green? It once turned purple when I did it at home.Even though everybody else looked great, I still didn’t trust the salon students with a haircut.

I was OK losing my head to this nice kid. But it was a good thing she got help from one of the teachers, because she apparently didn’t have the right formula.

Ms. Paul Mitchell of 2011.

Actually, I thought they did an OK job. And for $30, ya couldn’t beat it.

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