Nobody puts Baby in a sequel. Uh, yes they do …

I’d hoped I read wrong when I saw this headline today. But it really came as no surprise, given America’s love affair with DWTS. And Hollywood’s general lack of imagination and interest in coming up with anything new. Heaven forbid.

Yep, it was bound to happen. Patrick Swayze barely gone, and they’re reportedly planning a remake of Dirty Dancing.

I realize the original is about as old as some of the DWTS dancers. But why can’t an oldie remain a goodie for a change?

I know. Every generation has to have its own version. And if we didn’t have the 1995 remake of the 1940 version of Pride and Prejudice, Colin Firth might have gone unnoticed. And we couldn’t have had that.

And who am I to argue when 51-year-old “Baby,” Jennifer Grey, gave it her blessing?

Dirty Dancing/1987/Lionsgate

Nobody puts Baby in a sequel. Thanks for that great line, Mitch.

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