Let’s Paws: Who wouldn’t love this dog?

Wherever I travel, even if it’s from one floor to another at home, I always take time for some creature comfort. I have a soft spot for beasties, especially dogs. I’ll be sharing a special encounter every week, and look forward to your tails as well.

I finally had a chance to get nose-to-nose with a Chinese Crested  — you know, that breed  that usually ends up being top dog in the “ugliest dog” contests.

I was at the Mercato — the market in San Diego’s Little Italy, and one zoomed by with its owner. I tailed them. I’d seen tons of pictures, but never actually petted  a hairless dog before.

The place was very crowded as usual, and it was a very brief encounter. But the rushed conversation I had with the owner said so much.

Hard to get a good shot of this inquisitive girl.

“She was my roommate’s,” volunteered Crested’s mommy. “But my roommate wouldn’t love her.”

Good for this woman for doing a mitzvah, as they say in Yiddish. Doing a nice thing by caring for this perfectly loving dog with the velvety skin that seemed to like my touch. I would think being gently fondled would feel extra-good to these bald creatures.

Gorgeous on the inside. And that’s all that matters.

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