RTW: The best gelato in San Diego’s Little Italy

With San Diego’s Little Italy boasting so many gelato places, where’s the best place to get a fix? planetlippstone is all over it — and it’s all over my clothes. Lots of tasting — all in the name of research, of course. Here’s how they rate with me. (Disclaimer: I stuck with basics like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, because I don’t like exotic flavors like pistachio. Feel free to violently disagree.)

Made bye-bye very quickly

The winner:  Chocolat, Hillcrest. A slight technicality: this place specializing in all kinds of sinful chocolate goodies isn’t actually in Little Italy. It’s in Hillcrest, another happening neighborhood a couple miles away. When it was recommended to me, I was skeptical. Then I tried the milk chocolate gelato and was so instantly addicted to its silky texture, I’m amazed there was anything left to photograph. The manager tells me he’s Italian, and they make it on site. I absolutely believe him.

Second Place: Caffe Italia, Little Italy. I like the chocolate and the strawberry. Another technicality: I’m told this gelato is made elsewhere in the city. But that’s OK. It’s consistently smooth and creamy. Trust me, I’ve had way too much — this place is practically across the street from where I’m staying.

Third Place: Pappalecco, Little Italy. I’d heard rave reviews about this place from everyone, and was shocked at not being blown away. Therefore, I felt compelled to give it several tries. (It’s also located dangerously close to where I’m at.) I’ve had the chocolate and lemon. Sorry to say I found them to be too thick and not creamy enough.

Last Place: Cafe Zucchero, Little Italy. I tried the homemade chocolate one time at this extremely popular hangout. I really wanted to like it because it so looked the part. But found it to be way too watery. I never returned to try another flavor.

Confession: My all-time favorite gelato was in Barcelona, Spain — not even Italy. So what do I know?

What’s your fave? I’d love to know; always looking for new recommendations. In the name of research.

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