Oceans 57: Destination: San Diego, USA

My whirlwind tour of four continents was over. After just under a month, it was time to head back to North America.

Next stop: San Diego, by way of L.A.

Bracing for another 12+ hour flight from Melbourne to L.A., decked out in comfy sponsor shirt.

Buh-bye, Oz.

Qantas Flight 93, L.A.-bound.

Nothing but an endless stretch of Pacific Ocean.

Sunset right around 4pm. Suspect it was so early because we were flying into night …

… Crossing over the International Date Line. With — gulp — eight-plus hours still to go on this very cramped flight, where I almost did real damage to my neighbor and myself trying to retrieve my laptop from under my seat. I was beginning to understand the merits of paying the equivalent of a hefty down payment on a car for the privilege of flying business or first class.

Less than half an hour to go before touching down in L.A. Time goes by, whether you have leg room or not…

South Africa, Maldives, India, Australia. So much territory; so hard to believe.

Up next: Short commuter flight to San Diego for a few weeks, for some serious R&R.

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