Hyderabad, India: V3, from mud to Microsoft

Companies like Microsoft, Dell, Oracle and Deloitte have sprouted in areas around Hyderabad that were mud roads and fields not long ago.

Chances are, HITEC City, as it’s called, is where that Windows Update you’re installing was developed. Or where the person at the other end of Dell tech support is sitting.

Let’s take a look around …

Microsoft IT India, Hyderabad

Juhee Ahmed, who graciously opened her home to me, is a communications manager at Microsoft India.

No way to auto-adjust this picture.  Me reverting back to childhood with a virtual game at Microsoft, while my very composed buddy, Zia, and her dad Tony try not to snicker.

Tidying up at Dell

Many of us have dealt with payroll company ADP at one time or another.

Party hearty in Hyderabad. Not the best picture either, but it was taken from a moving vehicle, as so many of my pictures were.

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