Oceans 57: A passage to India

From Maldives to India, to catch up with old acquaintance, and experience real-life version of Outsourced.

Going through security at Maldives airport

Buh-bye, Maldives; hello, Air India.

Headline from newspaper on airplane. No, this isn’t from Silicon Valley; it’s from Bangalore, India, another tech center.

Kingfisher Airlines from Bangalore to Hyderabad, where I’m staying. On board is bizarro inflight mag: all Bollywood gossip and ad (with tab marking the page) about menstrual cycles and female cell therapy. Bet the guys love reading ’bout that.

On way to Hyderabad hotel from airport. This is what it looked like: one big blur. Everything moved so quickly, it was like Dorothy being swept up by the twister in The Wizard of Oz. I would find out this is normal speed — and I’d better get used to it.

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