Oceans 57: Destination, Maldives

To get to the Maldives in Indian Ocean, backtracking from South Africa to Qatar in the Middle East was faster and cheaper. Here’s plane on tarmac in Cape Town.

Me engrossed in Qatar’s inflight mag. This flight was first-class, even in economy. Better entertainment lineup than home. Where else would you find 30 Rock, Glee and some show called Al Farah? Totally fixated on way-cool flight graphics! Even in Arabic!

The friendly airport help at Qatar airport. I had 35 crazed minutes to make connecting flight to Maldives. Even with bus ride and security check, I did it. These guys are good.

After 12 exhausing hours, what is this Haagen Daz mirage at Maldives airport? False alarm: No-gen Daz.

Yet another plane that will take me to resort island.

Fellow passenger aboard seaplane.

Say what? You want me to get out here?

                                     After three planes and a boat ride, I need a drink.

                             Just in time for a Maldives sunset and bonus rainbow.

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