And now, a word about my sponsor…

When I announced I wanted to take off and see more of the world while I still could, my partner and best friend did a double take, but wasn’t fazed. He’s as insane as I am about travel, and we explore as much as we can together.

This time, his schedule wouldn’t allow it. But, as always, he didn’t stand in my way.

In fact, he wanted to kick in some dough, ’cause that’s the kind of guy he is. “I’ve never sponsored anything,” he said. “I’d be honored.”

Come to think of it, I’m never been sponsored. So it works out well. I’m proud to sport this fashionable yet functional T-shirt talking up my official sponsor: Mitchell A. Sommers, Esq., PC. Doing legal stuff since 1986.  Look for it to make an appearance everywhere I go.


Yep, Mitch is an awesome lawyer, and an even-better person.

To him and my unofficial but very opinionated co-sponsor — our dachshund, Ginger — thanks for all the support and encouragement, guys. Couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

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